Further clay experiments


How do you know you’ve got the best wife ever? Well, when you come home, eat dinner and then announce “I need to go into the garden and make mud bricks!” rather than putting your son to bed. She calmly accepts this and even let’s you bake them gently in the oven.

I’ve made a 100% clay brick, 50%, 45%, 42.5%, 40%, 35%, 30% & 25%. Mixed it thoroughly. Read more for the calculations

So my wife (the very scientific one) has given me the ratios

100 clay is 2:1 Clay:Sand

50% Clay is 1:2 Clay:Sand (the ideal amount if calculations are correct!)
45% Clay is 3:10
42.5% Clay is 17:43
40% Clay is 4:11
35% Clay is 7:23
30% Clay is 2:9
25% Clay is 1:5

The reason behind this is to work out the correct ratios for making the thermal mass for my oven. 1 part clay to 2 parts sand is supposed to be the correct mass. It can vary with the type of clay so we’ll see!

So fingers crossed 1:2 is good because if its not, I’ll need to experiment more and I don’t think she’ll be so gracious to let me do it again before the weekend. I think the oven is at about 50’C

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