Death to the pizza oven, long live the pizza oven


All good things come to an end, and with a bank holiday coming up I fancied rebuilding the oven with better insulation etc.

I was surprised at how crumbly the dome was. The majority had turned brick red due to the London clay. I wondered if I could use it again, but I think the baking process makes it too big grained. I was surprised to find a couple of areas where the thermal layer was still clay and definitely damp. I don’t think the tarp was doing the best job…

All cleaned up, I’m going to relay the blocks again.

I’ve decided to go for a cob mix for the insulating layer. The thermal layer will still be 1 part clay to two parts sand & the insulating layer will have pretty much this entire bale of straw in it. You can’t use hay – it’ll likely rot in it. I found I had mushrooms growing on the damper area of my insulation last year…

Floss, being curious.

Candy sitting on anything she doesn’t understand.

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