Clay bake

After about 2hrs in the oven at 50’C they’re starting to dry. You can see that the 100% clay has already started to crack badly.


The rest of the bricks have faired much better, apart from perhaps the 25% clay (75% sand!).

Each brick is 500g. The 50% clay brick (or I should say the natural clay brick as its 1:2 sand already) contains 250g sand. Each 5% weighting looses 25g to sand.


This brick is supposed to be the right mix, but like my previous oven has shown hairline cracks. I hold more hope for the 45% clay. When these have dried I will attempt a drop test – dropping at shoulder height into the ground starting with the sandiest. The one that survives is the correct mix.


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  1. Vince said

    What wound up being the correct mixture? Was the 45 ideal? Shoot me an email if you remember!

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