Finally some non-subzero weather!


Got a chance to do some gardening today seeing as I’d finally tidied the garage and the weather was above zero but also to “fix” my bike as my centre stand had rusted stuck.

After we fixed the bike, I went for a run up to Maldon as the weather was good.


First up in the garden was the strawberry bed


On three separate occasions we’ve got as far as clearing some of the weeds, but never as far as actually planting something. Today was the day after a flurry of activity and the strawberries are in.

I also found a load of self seeded plants that had survived the move two years ago from the allotment. I put these into the strawberry pot and redid the soil as the last lot had exhausted it.


The gnome/gargoyle thing was a present from my parents.

One last section to go for the strawberries


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