drainingWhilst visiting a Lakeland store (this is always a bad idea for your wallet) I saw a stall dedicated to making your own cheese.

So today it was time to make some cheese – and not just any cheese – due to a lack of live yoghurt in the house it had to be the most difficult one which involved cold water and microwaves, mozzarella!

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It all started with 2Ltr of milk and ended up with small 4 lumps of mozzarella.  It feels wrong to have such a small amount of cheese for such a large amount of milk,  but when you think about how thin milk really is, the fact it comes up with something so dense is amazing.

The milk is heated in a jam pan until about 32’C (we used sams bath thermometer to measure the temp)  then stirred and took off the h

eat.  We added 100ml lemon juice, P1000893then rennet (1/2 tsp mixed with 2 tbsp cooled boiled water) into the still spinning milk and left it for half an hour to separate   The curd (white lumpy stuff) was cut and added to one of sams muslins to drain the whey.

We then turned the curds, then should have salted, but forgot.

The curd was cut into 4 sections, microwaved for 30 seconds and seperated from any whey, continued to microwave until it became a lump we could squeeze up with our fingers and stretch.


It was dropped into iced water to help it form into a ball.  These were wrapped in cling film ready for the next step.
Garlic and Mozzarella ciabatta!


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