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Broad beans in with tomatoes


The first tomatoes are sown. This super early variety ought to be flowering and have tomatoes on by may! I’ve also sown some broad beans


All sown directly after getting back from work!

Now after dinner I’m going to get the chilies in!

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Winter tidy up


Winter is almost over and moving into spring. So time to sow the broad beans and tomatoes then!

Today I emptied a compost bin for the first time. I emptied it onto the bean bed and dug it in.


Despite covering the spring cabbages, I uncovered them during the really cold snap. Imagine my surprise when I popped out in the snow and found them crawling with cabbage butterfly even though the waterbutts were frozen. Nature is sometimes very amazing, but also annoying.


Brussels look a bit manky.


Despite the snow thanks to the cloches, I’ve still got salad in the depths of winter.

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Apologies for the break – new baby, new job, lack of decent gardening time.

Overall last years harvest was the best we’d had for a long time. I discovered a love of butternut squash – not the manky variety in the stores but the heritage variety we got from the real seed company. The green tomato chutney I made was really good – coming from me (a feverent hater of chutney) that’s not bad going. We’ve got a string of dried chillis still hanging and the plants have surved the winter in the greenhouse and are ready to go.

A suprise has been the mortons mix (another real seed variety) which has survived the winter under a plastic cloche including the frequent snow showers etc.

My son is making good progress – this week he’s mastered ‘dadadadada’ and is already running before he can walk.

In the workshop we’ve been working on making wood fired stoves. These have been made from scrap picked up from various places and I’ve started to teach myself welding.

We managed to fix the flag pole in the garden, hoisted a pirate flag, realised it made a lot of noise and have lowered it for a final time and cut it up for scrap. The plan is to build a wood fired hot tub in its place with coving shelter and a nice raised deck area.

Disappointments in the garden were the sweetcorn – I think the long dry summer really did it in. We got a few cobs, but they weren’t the super sweet variety I found a few years ago (an F1 hybrid) and I live in constant denial I’ll find another type of similar sweetness in a heritage variety. At least we didn’t feed the badgers again.

We got a lot of beans, mangetout (many are still in the freezer) and the herbs also seem to have survived.

Well, fingers crossed for the upcoming year – I’ve decided to leave my current employment and have taken another job in the city which I start soon. Hopefully it’ll leave me enough time to garden as well!

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