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Shut the gate!


Shut the gate!

Not that we’ve had any problems with people shutting the gate, but when we were looking for houses with big gardens, one we saw had this similar sign (well, the same but new didn’t pinch it) and we decided we wanted the house.

We didn’t get it, it was hopelessly over priced and we ended up in our current house at more or less the same price but with twice the land…

So what would make it better? eBay of course.

Secured to the wall by security screws so it’s a little less easy to pinch by scrappies, plus it’s right outside my window…

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Motorcycle review


Completely out of blue and I can assure you this isn’t a sell out post made by a 3rd party…

I’ve bought a motorcycle.

The cycling wasn’t working. Unfortunately my lungs weren’t taking the exercise well and I’ve been on courses of drugs to help.

A couple of days before the birth of Sam, I’d taken my CBT and whilst it terrified me, the instructor was very complementary of my skills.

So what bike to buy? I’m tall – 6ft 4ins of tall (maybe a bit more) and everyone was recommending trail bikes with road tyres. I did try a few, but after having a seat on a few during the day, I actually found them a little too tall. I ended up on a 2012 Honda CBF 125 – not a 2nd hand one, but a brand spanking new one.

Having a motorcycle means I still get free parking.

I did find it very difficult to find any details on the CBF125, whilst there’s plenty of information out there for the older models, many are complaints about certain things which Honda seem to have addressed – in fact looking at the bike, there’s little wrong with it.

So about me, I have 34″ long legs and quite a long body type. The style of bike means that you’re pretty upright on it, giving a good high position which is difficult to ignore.

The top speed is about 65-70 with a good wind behind you, but I’ve not taken it much over 45 as I’ve only put about 8 miles of my own on the clock.

Gone are the TVS tyres and they’ve been upgraded to Continental tyres (Conti-Go!) and are good soft all weather tyres.

The large fuel gage has been replaced with a shiny new rev counter.

The bike still comes with a mini tool kit and a lid/helmet lock.

It’s a lovely smooth ride, though if you’re a complete novice like me, bear in mind the bike just won’t start if it’s not in neutral!

Fuel economy is supposedly upto 158 miles per gallon. I’ve been told to expect closer to 120 with normal driving.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll let you know how I get on with it during the next couple of weeks!

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Baby update #2


3 weeks on, he’s growing faster than courgettes!

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