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First strawberries


Not the best picture – I’d not noticed the slightly dodgy black one next to it. But they (not the dodgy one) were very, very tasty – still the best I’ve ever had!

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When slugs attack


All this rain has brought slugs and snails. My cucumbers have been devastated as have the green beans 🙁


This particular culprit has been dealt with.

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Glad to announce my 2.5ft high mangetout are now starting to flower! This is new to me as usually by this point of the year I’d be so snowed down at the house/flat I couldn’t get down the allotment! But because it’s now in the back garden I can appreciate it all as it is!

I can also appreciate the 3rd week of roasted beetroot!

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Finishing the stand


I finished by adding some 45′ supports. The extra really stops the posts moving.


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Can you see what I see?


Unless you’re laying on the cold ground and not a warm comfy hammock, probably not.

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Build your own hammock stand


Had this little project in mind for a while.

Start by digging a 3ft hole


With a big corkscrew…


Add posts and postcrete.

Leave 24-48hrs and add hammock.

One outdoor permanent hammock stand!

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Growth update


Look! Strawberries! Not as yet as well developed as my parents who live a mile away. Must be the altitude as I live on a hill – theirs are red and look like I should be eating them.


The brussel sprouts are doing well – not yet covered in black fly either so there’s hope yet.


Beans and mangetout are climbing well. I’m not sure how tall giant mangetout get. Last years variety barely manged a foot, we’re well above that, but I think they were a standard variety!


Our second set of sweet corn has gone out and is growing fast. Hopefully their growth will be caught on the relocated waarkcam!


Something else is also coming along… Only 7 weeks to go…!

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A year at the new pad – Timelapse

It’s been a year in the new place and I’ve gotten round to making the video from the time lapse recorder.  I’m ashamed to say after the first two or three months, the camera ran out of juice, but the important bits were captured!

It’s time to move the camera and it’s now focused purely on the vegetable beds and greenhouse now.  Hopefully we won’t see too much of the cats using the raised beds as giant litter trays…

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