Unfortunately due to a lack of iPhone, updating this blog is going to be much more difficult and much less pretty.  I’ve broken the charging pin and a new dock has arrived, but is currently sitting at the post office.

Yes, the very first flowers are coming out on the tomatoes!  I’ve already started to remove what I lovingly call tomato armpit growth, otherwise known as suckers or side shoots.  Other people identify them as being in the crotch of the tomato, so perhaps I’m just being more polite.  We gardeners are a dirty lot.

Pruining ensures the plant puts more energy into main stem.  I have never pruned tomato plants before and the result is that the first year I grew them in the greenhouse, they became the greenhouse.  When I removed the plastic outsides, they retained their greenhouse shape until the wind pretty much destroyed them.

Leaving them to get into such a state means that whilst you’ll get more tomatoes they’ll likely be smaller.  Also the internal leaves get less sun, go yellow, die and rot if it’s moist, potentially weakening the plant.

Pruning gives all the leaves equal sunlight.

I can’t remember the type of tomato I’m growing.  Determinate tomatoes actually don’t need pruning.  I’m fairly sure however I’m growing gardeners delight which is an indeterminate variety.

I’ve been pruning all my 12″ high plants and the first flowers are starting to grow.  I’ve staked them outside and inside I’m running them up garden twine.  We’ll see how they both do and report back.

One thing for sure is I’m very likely to get a few tomatoes off the vine this year, unlike last year where it got tall, bushy, fell over and destroyed by bind weed due to overall neglect – in truth, I completely forgot about them and suprised they did as well as they did!

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