My wife decided to thin the beetroot last night.  I’m surprised how big they were, they’re now well thinned and I should have some monsters in a few weeks!

We’ve grown two varieties from the real seed people – one is sanguina and the other white.  The mistake was probably eating the sanguina first, it was so earthy and sweet the white beetroot (forgive the pun) paled in comparison.

We’ve already emptied one of the full IBCs during the last week.   Because my IBCs are linked at the top it means I have two full IBCs and one empty one with a pump.  A few months ago I bought connectors for the base of them which I could use with a length of hose to connect them and balance them.

Unfortunately however the hose connectors don’t fit the IBCs perfectly – I’ve had to use several polystyrene washers scavenged from caps to pad them out and plumbers PFE tape.  We got a good thunderstorm and cloud burst last night and it’s meant the IBC I’d emptied had filled about half way – about 500 litres in one 20 minute storm.  It’s good having a large catchment area!

My iPhone parts arrived yesterday, fingers crossed the screwdrivers will also be here tonight so I can get on and fix it.  It’s not as convenient to use the digital camera to upload!


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