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Mushroom update #6


Not my clearest photo… But look! Mushrooms!

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Hiding in the greenhouse…


After what seems an age, the greenhouse is fully glassed. In fact, Helen and I have even built staging for it today!


And filled with plants


All the plants in the house have now been relocated into the greenhouse.

And now I’m hiding out here whilst the April showers continue!

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Laying a new lawn


It may sound silly – sowing a lawn in a drought, but that’s what I’ve done. Tuesday night after light rain during the day I rushed out to buy lawn seed. Dave who has put in my path has levelled the ground where the old pond is and also around the edges of most of the path.

Since then and for the immediate future it’s been raining and looks like it will through the next four or five days. 4 days is best for establishing a new lawn, so I don’t suppose my new grass will mind the extended natural sprinkler it’ll be getting.

during that evening I started to level out the rest of my lawn myself. I tried to remove yet another errant paving slab and found yet another buried path. This runs out to the clothesline point. Couldn’t believe it had sunk so far! Next job, remove it and replace it so the grass has more soil to root in!

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The Internet is a wonderful place. My ancient greenhouse takes very odd clips. Specifically C123, C217 & C218! Who’d have thought.

Seriously though, having googled several times on the weekend looking for very specific clips, all I found were W’s and adjustable Z’s, I was surprised to get a link off a forum to a site called Gardencraft ( that stocked my exact clips.

My greenhouse doesn’t hang panes like others – some of the overlaps are 3-4″ and these clips rely on the metal frame runners rather than hanging glass off glass!

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Greenhouse update


Glass is now in both sides of the greenhouse but not the back and front.

It’s not very stable at the moment and I’m almost out of clips.

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Wildlife box


Not what I expected on the wildlife box. Best screw it in more…

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Bow drill fire


Took a break from the norm on Sat and took the newly formed Essex BushcraftUK group out for a trek in the woods. We irritated a wood ants nest with a bluebell (it’s a natural litmus paper) and gathered stuff fresh for a bow drill. We also used fire pistons and flint and steel.


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Path update


The path is pretty much finished – just needs the gaps filled with sand at the end and the patio outside the greenhouse installed! We have however run out of sand so for the time being, it’s on hold until Monday. Hoping to have another bash fitting the greenhouse glass and I’ve seen some handy guides on how to join my greenhouse gutters together to a single waterbutt!

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Mushrooms on toilet rolls


Hardly looks like a gourmet delicacy, but we’ve definitely got mushroom buds!

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Rain glorious rain…


Today we seem to have had four seasons in a day. Well that’s April I guess and it’s definitely showering now…

I’ve started to dig the slice between the path and the outbuildings ready to take the strawberry patch. I’ve rescued a bit of the jasmine, assuming it doesn’t get washed away tonight.

I’ve also muddied the path. There’s not much left to lay so should be finished tomorrow or Friday!

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