Just a quick update on the rhubarb.  See, you can transplant it in the middle of a dry summer during full growth and it just doesn’t care.  You can’t kill it if you plant it in manure!


  1. Hedonist said

    Hi, I recently found your blog and have been lurking silently (great stuff btw), but I feel compelled to comment on this Rhubarb photo. If that’s what yours looks like now, I am totally jealous! So far all I can see on mine is that it’s still alive, but no real growth to speak of so far…


    • admin said

      Thanks Hedonist – I’ll check out your blog later! The trick is manure, manure, manure!

      • Hedonist said

        Thanks 😀
        Amazing what can be achieved with manure. I should probably stop being lazy and source some…

  2. Diane said

    I’ve planted three crowns on my allotment. I’ve got one crown in my garden too, but I want to grow enough to give some away too!
    It makes sense to grow it as it seems to be even dearer this year in the supermarkets!
    I adore rhubarb crumble!

  3. John said

    Tim, hope you have given your rhubarb enough room cos when those babies take off their leaves are flippin’ enormous!!. 3ft. apart is the very minimum I’d give them which is a lot of room, although its definitely worth it as I consider it a “must grow” even in my smallish garden.

    • admin said

      They’re in a row and can go out sideways, but not widthways.

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