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Blingy IBC


I had a bit of roofing paint left over, so I painted the IBC. Looks very blingy and should keep it algae free!

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When I was 6-7 my dad got me interested in gardening by growing cacti.

These are the remaining cacti which have survived my neglect for 23 years.


It’s probably my earliest memory seeing all these tiny cacti growing. My favourite was a barrel cactus which grew about a foot in height before the slugs decimated the base and it collapsed and slowly rotted over a year.

You’d think cacti would be hard to grow, but they weren’t. You’d think they need a really sunny position, well for the last 6 years they’ve been in a north facing position and they’re still with us.

Now they’re in a south facing position and I’m looking forward to maybe growing some more…

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Nettle tea (the stinky kind)


In my front garden we’ve been doing really well growing nettles. These are going straight into my nettle fertiliser bin.

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Update (from Wednesday night!) of my mushroom toilet roll!

On Sunday it’ll be moved into the fridge for its cold shock treatment before moving on into a cooler location to start fruiting!

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Paper pots


My wife made a load of paper pots to plant the brassicas etc in.

Candy has decided to nest in them.

My wife is not best pleased.

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Flat roofs


When the previous owner of my house had part of it re-roofed, he didn’t opt for the sort which had the little stones on, he went for a solar paint option.

Solar paint has to be reapplied every few years (3-5) and it’s pretty obvious who ever installed it did one coat and left. The previous owner never recoated it and I’ve seen a few cracks appearing.

Having scrubbed the roof on my hands and knees, I’ve now repainted it with this bizarre silver roof paint. With just one coat it really looks blingy and will need another before it’s properly protected.

On a warm sunny day like today, Its a pleasant task and hopefully if the weekend is nice and dry, I’ll get the 2nd coat on tomorrow!

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Herman the German Friendship Cake


After 10 days of bubbling, Herman has been cut drawn and quartered into small slices.

Very tasty he was too!

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First day of spring!


You’d be forgiven for thinking spring was already here – it’s been unseasonably warm for a few days, frosts are few and far between. But today the sun is at is midpoint between the lowest point of winter and highest point of summer – the Spring
Equinox – plenty more info here:

You’d think I’d be doing some sort of special ritual or planting session outside, but instead we’re marking the occasion by celebrating a belated birthday of one of our friends at Nandos. Well at least the chickens live an enriched life in barns rather than cages…

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Raised beds


Last night we had a fairly heavy frost (lots of ice on the windshield this morning) which is shocking due to the really mild almost summer temperatures we’re getting.

Fortunately the frost didn’t get the plants under plastic in the raised beds (I guess I won’t really know for a few days though!) and as you can see we’re off for a racing start on most our salads and root veg (I can almost taste the carrots and beet root!)

So spring really has now sprung and looking forward to the 5am watering sessions before work!

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Rescue Cats


When we took on our rescue cats we didn’t think it’d take them so long to really fit into our lives. I’m happy to report that now they’ve accepted both of us and have really settled now. Floss (black and white) comes for affection and doesn’t seem to be so threatened all the time and Candy (Tabby) enjoys our company so much she rarely leaves our sides and even now sits on us. A big change from the scared threatening feral felines we started with.

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