So we had a little trip to Egypt. Unsurprisingly it’s fairly cheap at the moment even though it’s peak season – that’s mainly due to the revolution that’s been going on. Tourism is 82% down on last year, which means in Luxor, a well known area that relies solely on tourism is really suffering.

I felt nothing but safe on my journey, though because we were the only tourists within miles, everyone wanted our business and to be honest, we were inundated with people trying to get us to ride horse and carriages and boats.


We did ride a boat on one day, very pleasant riding on the Nile on a warm windy day. We visited “banana island” which is one of five known, isn’t even an island but there bananas there and oddly baby crocodiles in a pen.


And the colours in the tombs, amazing!


We concluded our week long trip by doing some star gazing – the above is quite obviously the moon and the below is Jupiter with a few of its visible 4 moons. All taken on an iPhone, which isn’t usually used in stellar photography. Highly recommended if you’re in the area to look up the Space Observers – quite knowledgeable and a good evening in the desert!


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