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Bottling Day


The above photo could be seen as me trying to be arty. This I assure you is not the case. In fact when pouring the last of the sloe gin into the funnel, they poured everywhere. You can’t see the piles on the floor.

Still, with the nights drawing in, even though I’ve always hated gin, I’m quite enjoying a little tipple 🙂


The left over sloes will be going into the freezer tonight to make a sloe sherry!

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So with my brown fingered hands from boat building I had to make my way off to burn a few burgers at the Rochford Lights.

Fortunately my St John Ambulance Division was there, so I pinched a pair of gloves.

We took about £400 of which half goes back to the council and the other to our scout troop!

Many of the scouts, beavers and cubs turned up to say hello or to help out!

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Boat building


Today saw glueing of the gunwales and a fair bit of clamping. And wiping! Lots of wiping as the glue expands and dribbles everywhere. The odd little quirk of the glue is the fact it stains your fingers an odd shade of dark brown. I could now be a 60 a day smoker. Fortunately that’s not the case!


We also stuck some foam into the rear of the boat to add some flotation for if it goes over…


Only one side to go, a bit more painting and one of those bits on the bottom to make you go in a straight line.

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