Solar Panels – and who cleans them

Some people are waking up to the fact they can have free solar panels installed on their house – people like me can’t, I just don’t have the surface area and I’m a few degrees out for optimal use.

Costs are falling though… but it raises an interesting question.

Who cleans the panels?  I’m assuming that the householder is responsible.  The company gets FIT payments, but the householder gets free electricity.  They may just not be aware that a dirty panel will reduce the generation of power very quickly… judging by the amount I wash my car (barely ever), if they wash their panels as infrequently they will hardly ever see optimum power generation.

So people, wash your panels!

(if you know anything about this, leave a comment)


  1. Hey Tim.

    Have been looking into these for work, and when I asked about dirt, bird mess etc, was told by one of the potential suppliers that they generate enough heat to burn themselves clean.

    Dunno how true this is, but that’s the line they gave me.

    Hope that helps,


    • admin said

      When I was up at CAT (Centre of Alternative Technology) they advocated cleaning panels – it might burn off organic matter but probably not plain ol’ dirt.

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