Sloe Gin


I’ve been awaiting the first frost for a couple of weeks for the sloe heavy bushes near my house. Unfortunately instead I’ve got an Autumn heat wave instead!

So in the freezer they went!

I started off by sterilising the jar inna preheated oven at 170’C for ten minutes. Once it had cooled, I added 180g of sugar and the frozen sloes.


A litre of supermarket special gin thrown in and I was done. Apart from the shaking!


It’ll need shaking once a day for a week, then once a week for three months!



  1. Katie said

    Good luck!! Ours has turned a really yummy looked deep red colour – actually looks like it might be tasty (I don’t like gin either…)

    • admin said

      Ours too! Was out today camping in Langdon Hills and found several very well established black thorn trees, I got over 1KG off them so I’m freezing some and making some vodka too!

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