The Amazon kindle is truely a revolution in ebooks – and personally I think they beat traditional books hands down.

Due to a hideous commute (1.5hrs each way) I get plenty of time for reading.  I’m quick too – I read a couple of books a week.

I originally forayed into ebooks in 2010 with the purchase of a Sony PRS-600.  At £229 it was a gadget and was a sort of 1st gen device.  It was rubbish (as most Sony stuff seems to be these days) and lasted less than 6 months before suddenly it developed lines.  I complained to Sony, who to be honest couldn’t care less – they’d sold it and it’d left my hands and they wanted to charge me to get it dealt with.  I’d already had a rocky road with Sony due to badly made walkmans in the 90’s and TVs in the oo’s so I’ve decided I’ll never buy Sony again.

Amazon have hit the nail on the head though – their newest offering is £89 and if it’s anything like the last, it’ll be a steal.

My £109 Kindle has a true 1-2mth battery life.  Charging is incidental and I’m yet to have a low battery warning on it. I’ve probably only charged it 6 times since I bought it in March.  But it has eventually had an issue – some of the text isn’t as clear as it was – so I rang Amazon expecting a run around but they’ve already dispatched a new Kindle in the post with a returns for the old one – this means I can transfer my data with no worries.  This is truely the pinnacle of customer service.  If I don’t return the old one, I get charged on my credit card – I don’t have a problem with that – but the key is, I can continue to read on my slightly faulty kindle and the new one will be with me within a couple of days.

It can carry hundreds of books and has been rugged enough to be transported all around the UK on work trips, holidays, hiking and camping without a charge and importantly, weighing so little.  Most the books I read can come to hundreds of pages – a trip to Devon before the kindle saw me carring two 700 page books, one of which I only had 100 pages left to read on a hike due to the long train journey.  Such inconviences have now been left behind.


And thank you Amazon, you failed one chistmas almost 6 years ago to deliver many of my Christmas presents on time resulting in Christmas being sorted in February, but you’ve pulled yourself together and are giving really excellent service now.

I have no affiliation with Amazon (apart from being a happy customer)

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