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WordPress Restore

Due to unforseen circumstances, tomorrow I will be attempting to rebuild the site (Same content, theme etc) but with a new wordpress installation.  Nothing to worry about, hopefully see you tomorrow (or Monday!)

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Freecycle: Hardcore Wanted


On Wednesday I posted out for some hardcore. We’re looking to finish off the IBC foundations, lay a new path and put a firm base for the shed.

Before laying down slabs on a saturated clay soil, it’s always good to put down a decent layer of hardcore. We ran out when trying to sort out the base for the pizza oven and the three IBCs.

A quick post on Freecycle and a couple of hours later, someone made a generous offer. Katie even wanted her fairly wobbly and dangerous front wall knocked down, so we happily obliged with our sledgehammer!

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Ungreenist thing we’ve done

Well it has to be said you can’t call a hot tub green in any way. My wife however was given money to enjoy and the most enjoyment she decided she could have, was a hot tub!

We have dead space in the garden, and it was pretty manky. So we did some levelling of concrete with a sledgehammer and some tidying.


My friend ben and I built a shelf from reclaimed wood based using our flag pole aerial as a base.

Other various stuff came from odd places like homebase. I’m not ashamed.

The hot tub looked quite nice. So we started filling it.


And the cat decided to get in before anyone else…


Not a happy cat!

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Coop Composting Carrier Bags


Whilst in Wales last week, I noticed the coop carrier bags all the scout shopping in were different to normal bags.  They felt more ‘filmy’ and soft.  The answer, was printed on the bag.

The shopping bags were all compostable carrier bags – not these ‘bio degradeable’ ones from the likes of Tesco which suddenly at a point in their life disolve into what looks like mouse bedding and which do not disolve without oxygen (so useless in a land fil situation).  These ones act as compost caddy liners and disolve down with the food.  What a brilliant idea, but unfortunately not something that is likely to be with us very soon – even though we’re in the same country.

I’ve emailed the co-op to see when these carrier trials might be extended to the rest of the UK, but until the government starts charging for the use of plastic bags like Ireland, it seems a bit distant.

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