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2nd bed


2nd bed constructed but hasn’t had the posts banged in yet. We’ve decided to anchor it using just the posts in the middle.

Tomorrow we’ll be putting in the first load of compost into the raised beds, then covering it for next year…

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Whilst I drill bits of wood and assemble them vaguely into wooden boxes, Helen is painting. The cat as usual is paying her far too much attention as you can see in the photo.

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First raised bed


The first bed went together really well. Too well. Unfortunately the spikes were too long and pointed in the wrong directions. We’ve decided that it’s strong enough without the spikes but we’re going to add a couple in the middle of the beds.

The first one will need a bit of TLC before it’s properly settled.

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You plank…


As you can see finally we’re underway making the raised beds. It’s taken a lot out of me this morning already due to returning screws to screwfix (I doubt I’d ever use them again) getting the circular saw, getting wood (the wrong stuff), cursing the temporary traffic lights, returning wood, getting more wood, cursing the traffic lights again, then getting lunch.

Nevermind, the boxes are going together quicker than I thought.

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Suppressant Membrane Industrial Stuff!


First set of membrane went down. It goes the full length of the allotment area. After putting it down, we realised that it’s pretty waterproof. Oops. Well it’ll be good for water conservation.

The IBCs were moved so we could run the membrane underneath. This ought to prevent weeds coming up around underneath them.


The IBCs were moved so we could run the membrane underneath. This ought to prevent weeds coming up around underneath them.


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Well the first step of our allotment is to uncover the ground and level it. And mow. And mow. As you can see, it’s looking tidyish now, the last bit still needs a mow and the shed moving. I’m then going to dig out the weed killer and give the whole area a dose.

If we’re lucky we’ll soon be laying down the membrane.

Rest of the garden’s a bit rubbish.


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Raised Bed Project Week


My boards for the raised beds have just arrived. This week we’re going to be building four beds ready for next year. We’ve taken a week off to do it, so expect quick developments!

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IBCs and Chickens…

The IBCs needed levelling so for a few hours Friday and today I spent my time smacking bricks with a sledge hammer.



Yesterday I visited my friend Kris in Norfolk. It was a surprise 30th Birthday party and we turned up about 3hrs late. Kris is a bit of an inspiration as he has an amazing backyard allotment and many chickens. I tried to help round up one of the feral ones, but no luck.


He’s offered for me to go up and learn some basics, which’ll be handy when we get our own chocks.

Hopefully this week off I start on Thurs I’ll get the boxes all set up and get some stuff growing!

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One Sheet Skiff

This is where my weekends seem to be going at the moment…

And if you can’t see the above, it’s supposed to be a youtube link to


The boat is made from plans from and is supposed to be able to mainly be built from 1 sheet of ply.  Unfortunately this hasn’t happened, we’ve either broken or badly cut our ply, so we’ve needed three sheets.  It’s a project I’ve been working on for my scout troop to see what sort of kinks I’d  need to work out of the plans and to be honest, we’ve not stuck well to the plans.  At present, it’s a bit difficult for me to comprehend, how I’m supposed to teach 10-14yr olds to do it is a mystery!

Anyway… it’s been fun, and at times wet, and mostly I’ve either had a cup of tea in my hands or a beer, so it’s not all been bad…

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All Restored…

Everything is restored, except the contact me function which I’ll try and sort over the next few days…

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