One Sheet Skiff

This is where my weekends seem to be going at the moment…

And if you can’t see the above, it’s supposed to be a youtube link to


The boat is made from plans from and is supposed to be able to mainly be built from 1 sheet of ply.  Unfortunately this hasn’t happened, we’ve either broken or badly cut our ply, so we’ve needed three sheets.  It’s a project I’ve been working on for my scout troop to see what sort of kinks I’d  need to work out of the plans and to be honest, we’ve not stuck well to the plans.  At present, it’s a bit difficult for me to comprehend, how I’m supposed to teach 10-14yr olds to do it is a mystery!

Anyway… it’s been fun, and at times wet, and mostly I’ve either had a cup of tea in my hands or a beer, so it’s not all been bad…

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