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Bushcraft Fire


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been absent due to a couple of holidays, the first a weekend with the bushcraftuk forum and the 2nd with my scout group.

On the bushcraftuk bushmoot 2011 I got the chance to find and make my own fire drill set and light a fire, make a powerful bow and practice plenty of other skills. There was also a fair amount of drinking…

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How it’s looking


Thought you’d appreciate an overview of the garden now we’re getting ready to put in the allotment shed and install the “new” greenhouse!

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Comfrey Bocking 14 super fertiliser!


Recently I bought some comfrey off a seller on eBay. It’s a type called bocking 14 and it’s especially good rotted in water as a fertiliser. I paid for six plants (though I’m sure one would have been enough but the seller only did them in lots of six.

I got seven, which was nice. This is them about 2-3 weeks on and they’ve bedded in nicely.

Now of course I’ve got to find somewhere to put them…

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This is about as close as cats come to helping with the weeding. Unfortunately our garden suffers with bindweed something cronic, so the few beds we’ve dug are quite infested.

On a positive note the gooseberries which looked like they’d died after the move have picked up and the first few leaves have started to appear.


Similarly the grape which promptly died has also started to exhibit signs of life and new growth has started to appear.


We’d got bored of looking at our IBCs in the centre of the garden so they’re now in their final resting place – except they still need a layer of hardcore under them!

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Eight down, three to go!


Finally finished the tree planting session. I have to admit when my wife first bought the trees in march, I thought I’d have them in in a month. Well technically they were “in” but they didn’t fair very well as it was only temporary as we pulled out the conifers. When the local garden centre started to sell up stock due to an impending closure, and all three trees we’d bought almost lost all their leaves due to our haphazard watering scheme it really put the pressure on to get them in!

So here we are – all eight in, well manured and staked (most the lidl fruit trees were at 70′ rather than 90′!) now just to choose the final three!

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