Rescue Cats

In march, we decided to adopt two pussy cats from the Southend cats protection league. We were offered plenty of kittens, but we wanted cats with character. These two definitely have already developed character.



Candy has a love of small furry mammals. Mice of all sorts have been brought in as presents. All have been alive. Similarly the wood pigeons have been alive-ish. This will be good when we have an allotment however at present it’s a pain disposing of injured animals and catching/releasing “well” animals



Floss is an expert mice torturer. She also eats most house spiders which is fabulous (I hate spiders)

Floss does not like much affection. Not much in warning signals. You know when she’s annoyed as you get bitten.

As rescue cats go they’re very much part of the family, however they do pay Helen far too much attention and me too little. Unless you count biting in which case I’m over endowed with attention.

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