Moving the IBCs


Today we really needed to move the IBCs to somewhere behind the house so the many scrap dealers in the area didn’t appropriate them.

Unfortunately the only way to move them was to take them down the side of the house. This is the impassable side of the house, so first we had to empty it. I got one of my scouts to give us a hand and to move the IBCs as well.

Now they’re in the garden, all I need to do is level the ground, raise them up and reroute the guttering.


  1. Hal said

    I was going to get two IBC’s for a fish pond, (aquaponics). Until I saw one half full of water at a boat yard. The container was brittle and I could push my hand through it.
    Obviously not resistant to UV. The black version may be better, but I am not sure.
    Just a warning, hope all goes well with your project.

    • Hi Hal, I’m intending to box them in, but they’ve been used on my allotment site for a couple of years with no obvious problems!

      Thanks for the comment


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