Intermediate Bulk Carrier (Or an IBC Water Butt)

Recently our garage flooded.  We’re at the top of a hill, but we’re also in a bit of a dip there.  The hill is mainly all london clay which is excellent for pizza ovens but not necessarily great when your main surface water disposal is a soak away.  Soak aways are basically big gravel pits.  The water level of my garden is pretty low and I’m pretty sure I have a spring where the old pond was, so dealing with water can be a bit of a pain.

“Normal” water butts of the type available at the local garden center can be £30.  Reconditioned blue shipping containers can be £7-15 – both carry 220ltrs.

An IBC (intermediate bulk carrier) contains 1,000 ltrs and can be bought as cheaply as £35.  Ideally you should try and get one that contains a food rather than a powder or hazardous chemical – commonly you’ll get vegetable oils or fruit juices, both of which can be quite easily drained and dealt with.

For for £70 I’ve bought two such containers on eBay – just search for ‘water IBC’ and hopefully you’ll come up trumps with one nearby – they’re expensive to ship about so you’ll need a van or one very close by.

These two will be hitched up by my outbuildings and I’m going to redirect both drainpipes direct to them.  Next to them I’ll also be keeping the compost bins and I may look into using a seeper hose so I don’t need to do much watering!

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