Family Fruit Trees

No I’m not talking about Aunt Maud – these are family trees that bear actual fruit 🙂

For those of us who can’t fit in orchards, or like me who want to experiment, you can through the magic of grafting have a family or “fruit salad tree”. 

Family trees contain not just one type of apple, pear or plum, but several.  I quite fancy a bramley apple tree – I used to have one when I was renting in a student house in Norfolk.  The apples were great, but unfortunately since we had two trees and they both fruited at the same time, I was overwhelmed with fruit – most of it rotted on the ground.

What I could really do with is a variety which only produces a branch or two of each fruit.  It also means I can have several different types.  Some trees actually can accomodate 5-6 varieties, technically there is no limit and I’ve heard of more, but commercially at least I’d stick to a triple or quad tree.

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