Living Green – Book Review

Recently I was approached by a firm to review a couple of books for them and when they arrived, I added them to my fairly substantial pile.  Unfortunately my wife has made off with the other book (composting) so to start with, I’m reading the Living Green book.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I recieved this book, I’ve read numerous green books so I was looking forward to reviewing this one. 

The book itself is layed out in sections each concentrating – briefly – on subjects entire books have been written about.  It’s not an indepth guide on any given subject but that’s not to say it isn’t interesting.  It covers a lot of areas and I consider myself very well read in most areas of green living and I still found areas I didn’t know about (or hadn’t even thought about).  It’s fairly unbiased and none of the tips are impractical, though I did cringe a few times when I saw the ideas of buying commercial products where reusing or repurposing items readily available in the users own home would have been more green… but for simplicity sake I guess it’s easier to tell someone to go out and buy a commercial product which will come with instructions on how to apply it, rather than explaining how to DIY it with  doublesided tape, clingfilm and a hairdrier.  It’s not a book on saving money however, it’s a book on being green!

Generally it’s a dip in and out book on particular subjects you may be interested in.  It’s definately been written for an international market so whether you’re in the UK or the USA you’ll find something in there to help you along. 

The negatives are that if you’ve read green books before you’ll see the same sort of information cropping up – but again, it’s all in one place.  It’d make an ideal gift to someone who’s just starting to get interested into getting greener or to give to someone who probably needs a bit of greening!

You can click on the above image/link to visit amazon (and even read a bit yourself)

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