Gravity 1.016


The gravity of my beer has made it to 1.016 which means it’s pretty much finished already. I used a heating belt as it was stored in a room where the temperature can drop overnight and I wanted to keep it fairly constant.

When I started the brew I took a gravity reading of 1.042 – this may sound terribly fascinating to those who don’t brew, but actually it’s interesting when you take the original gravity (OG) from the final gravity (FG) and multiply by 129. 

(OG – FG) x 129 = A%

Yes, % of alcohol in the brew – in this case, 3.8%.  The kit promises 4.5% so I’m a little off – but I’ll be adding a bit of something extra sweet to the brew before it gets kegged up – in this case SME (Sprayed Malt Extract) which’ll probably booster the 3.8% closer to the real 4.5% it should be at.

I’ll take the gravity again tomorrow evening and if it’s the same, then the brew is finished and I can safely remove it to the secondary fermentation vessel – in 2-3 weeks it’ll have a sparkle and be ready for drinking – the extra month will allow it to condition it nicely!

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