First mow of the season…

Over the weekend we pretty much finished off the plasterboarding and only have a few finishing touches to do until the plasterer comes in.

We also did a bit of general garden clearance – all the piles of dead tree got moved up to the top read for a fire and the ground raked so I can use a flymo on it.  Not my ideal lawn mower, but by the end of my garden landscaping there will be little grass left to mow, so I won’t need a highly powerful mower.

The flymo was donated to me from an uncle who’s moved nearer to us because of his failing health along with a black and decker strimmer which almost immediately caught fire when I started.  Nevermind…

Now however I can start work on the base for the pizza oven and am planning to get a mini digger in to get the pond in as well as the fruit trees.

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