My sparky friend Allan has been helping me out with the electrics in my man cave.  I would highly recommend whenever you’re considering doing electrics you get someone suitably qualified and someone with a good reputation.  Allan has made things safe for me, clipped out the excess and badly wired wiring and left me with power do see by and do general work.

This weekend he popped back now we’d stripped and battoned the room and put in the new wiring.  He’s even run extra additional cables so I have more control for dimming different sections of lights.  We’ve installed several sockets in bizarre locations for the projector etc and moved the remaining existing circuit for the storage heater.  All in all it’s a tidy job and makes much more sense than the spiders nest it replaces.

If you’re local to Southend/Westcliff and need an Electrican I can definately recommend http://www.birchselectrical.co.uk/

Pics to follow

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