Earth Oven (for bread and pizza!)

The idea of an earth oven is not a new one.  You can cook everything you could cook in a normal conventional store oven and more because of the higher temperatures.

Another advantage is that it has no moving parts, relies solely on the fuel you add to it and no power cuts can cause you to have an uncooked dinner.  It does require more skill and if you’re looking to buy one rather than make it yourself, expect to shell out for it.  You can also add more steam to your oven which won’t affect electrics but will make a crunchier bouncier loaf and it can get to higher temperatures for longer to cook pizzas or slow cook a roast overnight.  It’s very fuel efficient!

Today we built the foundations by digging a foot deep hole 48″ across and added waste brick from one of my recent demolition projects.  We stomped it all down and put steel rebars in which we found in a shed.  The concrete was purchased, but we only used a couple of bags.

PS there is no tiddles buried under the pizza oven, just a bit of quirky humour…

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