Car Port (or the lack of)

When I bought my house, I got a full structural survey and one of the main things that stood out was “The car port is at risk of imminent collapse”.  Whilst the surveyor didn’t do any investigation works as such into this, it was pretty obvious because the ceiling was giving way.

This weekend we found out that the plastic cladding was a structural element which was stopping the beams from literally bending in half – as damp and rotten as they were.

After seven hours we managed to rip down the whole carport.  We’ll either rebuild it later in the year if funds allow or tidy it up a bit and leave it as is.

The Sunday saw the removal of the felt and tar to the tip – I have no idea how to recycle it, it seems like a pretty wasteful material to me.  The boards are either rotten or highly covered in tar – but I’m hoping they’ll make good shutterboarding for my highly un-enviromentally friendly concreting in a few weeks.

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