Beer – the normal homebrew kind

I have a beer engine (or hand pump) bought for me by an ex girlfriend many years ago which we’re looking to put into the man cave.

Obviously having a beer pump is pointless without some beer… this is not a problem.  This particular batch is going to be ready for the grand opening in a couple of months.

This Sunday we made 5G brew from a Woodfordes Norfolk Wherry kit.  For me it’s a fairly standard kit, very easy to brew.  You can buy it online, but I’d recommend checking out your local Wilkinsons which stocks all the homebrew gear you need to get started as well as the kit.

The kit makes approximately 40 pints which if you’d bought direct from a microbrewery at a discounted rate would cost you about £71.  If you follow the instructions carefully on the kit and keep the room at a constant temperature you can’t really go wrong and will have a lot of very drinkable beer within a couple of weeks.  It’s best brewed and given a couple of months however to settle properly – the longer the better.

If you want better clarity, you can try adding finings to the finished product which drastially reduces the haze of your pint.  Either that or put the barrel in a nice chilled cellar for a couple of weeks (which I don’t have) which’ll also do a good job.

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