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More fruit & veg

Not an inspiring title… but plenty of fruit and veg harvested!  Several photos got lost in a transfer from my aging iPhone, but we’ve got loads of gooseberries, raspberries, couple of strawberries, cucumbers, courgettes & beetroot.

Some talk of chickens which’ll be appearing soon on our allotment.  I’ve long debated whether we should get some, but since we’re struggling with our Hockley to RALGA commute as it is, doing that wouldn’t be fair on them.  I also got talking to Andy whom I’ve seen plenty of times before but haven’t properly been introduced (Hi Andy if you’ve made it onto here).  Andy seems to be responsible for getting the RALGA mailings out on the email list but my email address was lost in translation, so fingers crossed I’ll find out about events a few days earlier than the day it’s being held!  He’s also trying to get a coop down the plot working with another friendly allotmenteer.  I’ve offered to help in anyway I can just so I can get a bit of experience with chickens, so Andy feel free to abuse my good nature in anyway you need!

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