Two Sisters bed

No, not three sisters.  Not yet anyway.

Around some of our own home grown courgettes and a couple from the plant sale we decided to plant our sweetcorn.  In previous years we probably haven’t given our sweetcorn quite enough nutrients.  Before planting each plant, we dug in a few inches of manure and added about thirty plants.  It’s a lot for a small space, but it’s all good fun to see if it works.  This time round we’ve taken our advice from gardeners world – planting two side by side to get the most bang for buck.

We also got a few more cucumbers in and a couple of chilli plants.  Whilst I was busy setting up the chilli plants, my wife dug over the old strawberry bed and planted up with pumpkins – one of which is the mammoth variety…

Found some odd grubs in the soil when we were digging in the manure – since last year this bed had quite a bit of broccoli in it which was destroyed by pests these grubs may have been the cause.  Fortunately Mr Blackbird was happy to accept this offering and popped back later to see if he’d get any other tasty titbits.  He was out of luck as we decided to pop over to Hanningfield reservoir for an ice cream.

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