Wives, and why they’re amazing

Recently things have been a bit stressful .  We’re looking to move so the home is on the market.  That in itself required a lot of DIY, on top of a hernia operation and preparing for quite an intensive course and subsequent exam.  I couldn’t possibly take the time out to go down the allotment.

But my wife came to the rescue.  For over a week now she’s been strimming, weeding, planting and watering.  On Sunday I finally went down to see the lay of the land.  It’s back to its old self – almost as if I’ve never left which is fabulous.

We spent the day turning over and moving the compost bed.  A few of the areas now have a healthy new layer of compost and the heap was moved through fear of rats (which seem to be under the shed, not in the compost heap). 

The heap which has served us well for three years was dismantled and cleaned up so we can plant on it.  Not sure what we’re putting in there yet but I’m sure the soil is very good after all that compost being brought down by the worms.

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