Nettle soup, the fertilising kind

Nettles are fabulous.  Last year I went round in the late autumn picking as many as  I could find and dumping them in the new nettle ‘fermenter’ (See here)

That has rotted down nicely and it really pongs.  It’s been watered down and dumped everywhere it can concieveably be needed.

Now of course we’ve had to top it up, so yesterday I popped round to the most nettle infested parts of the allotment and pulled up more than my fair share.  I then stuffed it in the fermenter, filled up with water and set about it with a big stick to ensure it was broken up a bit – the more you break it down, the more surface area the bacteria has to rot it down with.

In a few weeks it’ll be even more stinky and more delicious for the plants.  Hurrah!

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