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Buy nothing day – Saturday 28th November

1237498_untitledSo did you free yourself from consumerism on Saturday the 28th?  A few people told me it was the 27th (a friday) which I thought was pretty pointless and I didn’t bother to check the details.

I was a naughty person, I went out on Friday and spent money in full knowledge it was ‘buy nothing day’.  What a consumerist I am.

I went to the local market, I bought duck eggs, bacon, black pudding and a burger in a bun from a local pig farmer whom has organic and free range produce from her own farm, which she sells raw or cooked on her stall for you.  Where did my money go? Into local industry and direct to the supplier.  On the way home I bought tools from a local DIY shop which stopped me throwing out a broken item and allows me to start refurbishing my kitchen which needs doing before I sell my house.

On Saturday I was even naughtier going to a local resturant, buying a curry, tipping 15% into a business that might actually be sending money out of the country.  This was mainly because my kitchen was in pieces in the aformentioned refurbishment.

I don’t think money is the root cause of all evil, it’s a necessary evil.  I can’t imagine a world without money.  What would happen if whilst doing my job (just for the love of it) I needed some food.  Without my job, the engineering work on the railways would be less efficient, I’m a very small cog in a big machine.  What do I barter with the woman for the next days breakfast or even todays lunch?  I doubt she needs my planning skills and I doubt I have anything to offer her.

Sense of community has not been destroyed by money, it’s been put on hold whilst us English build our castles and do our best ignoring our neighbours.  Just look at the ideas of fences or ownership of property/space.  Silly really whilst fellow humans starve or die of thirst.

Even so, the buy nothing day is really about concentrating on whether you actually need something.  I couldn’t have breakfast without buying the food.  I couldn’t do my DIY without the consumables I needed – I did borrow a steamer to get my wallpaper off, so all is not lost.

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