End of season

Two visits to the plot this weekend – it’s been a long time.  It’s really amazing how many times you can not visit your plot.

The last two years I’ve always missed out on harvesting season and this was no exception! Loads of over ripe tomatoes, corn was set hard and raspberries shrivelled on the plant.

We still got a respectable harvest – hundreds of potatoes, some edible sweetcorn, loads of tomatoes, courgettes, chilis, beetroot etc.  No pictures though 🙁

The pumpkins are looking quite fine – small though they are.  I’m looking forward to carving a few faces and getting some lovely pumpkin cakes from them.

Apart from harvesting we also pulled up the dead stuff – this meant the three sisters bed was pulled to pieces and the last of the early potatoes dug up (they were already starting to reroot to grow over winter!).   On the sunday I filled both raised beds up with plenty of compost from the heap.  This had the unfortunate effect of throwing my back.  So todays link is curtosy of my agony:


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