Thieving little…

Our shed last year was broken into.  It wasn’t much of a pain because they actually left more than they took – I gained a really good spade and fork from the experience.  I did ask around whose they might be, but the rightful owner was never found.

Now it’s not powertools they’re after, it’s food.  I’m assuming that the credit crunch really has started to bite around our area – it’s a very poor area and a lot of families are on benefits.  It’s difficult to describe how annoying it is to pop down the allotment to pick something up to find some blighter has been there first and pinched the one surviving spagetti squash you were looking forward to…

I hope they’re really in need and are the sort of people with children to support and aren’t spending their money on drink, drugs and cigarettes or just see my plot as an easy meal.  I’ll never know of course, but I can hope karma keeps an eye on them.

Similarly if you’re feeling particulously generous today, why not give a visit to and donate a bit of spare cash.  The reason I sponsored her (and her team) is many sided.  First of all I have absolutely no interest in fashion what so ever.  In fact I’m a poor ethical consumer on this front, I’ve generally bought cheap and cheerful probably employing a small child labour force to satisfy my capitalistic urges.  The reason for this is because I’m 6ft 5ins and nothing fits me.  The ethical brands usually stop short of my particular sizes because I’m not average.  I have to buy whatever I can find when I find it.  Take shoes for example.  Last year I needed a pair of steel toecap shoes to wear out in my ambulance.

How many shops did I visit? 17.  How many pairs of shoes did I find that were a) steel toecapped and b) fit me? Answer: one.  All were specialist shops for industrial use, but only one actually bothered to get something in size 13.  Even normal shoes I walk into 95% of shops and they stop at size 12.  Occasionally I get a choice, last time it was ‘blue or white’.  I can’t buy online because sometimes I’m a size 13, sometimes I’m a size 14.

It’s not disimilar with trousers or shorts, if I find something that fits, regardless of its ethical background I have no choice other than to buy it.  Get it from a charity shop? Nope, that’s a joke too, anyone my height never throws out clothes, you have to wear them till they drop off.

A while back I found a ethical producer of shoes using american labour and recycled materials.  Other than they went bankcrupt before I got to their website again they stopped at size 12.  I’ve tried and failed.

So whilst I want to buy hemp shirts, bamboo shoes etc, I can’t.  Meantime I’ll support ethical clothing how I can.

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