Cycling down the lottie


At the weekend I dusted off my bike and made my first trip down the allotment on saddleback since about the same time last year.  I realised that actually it roughly takes the same time to cycle as drive, but is somewhat more rewarding.

Last night I repeated the experience.  I’d bought eight cauliflower plants and eight purple sprouting broccoli plants.  I don’t make a habbit of buying grown plants if I can help it, but then again my cold frame isn’t living upto its suspiciously inaccurate name (I discovered the plastic tops of my seed propigators had actually melted!) and anything left out on the allotment seems to suffer slug/snail attack.

You have to work on an economy of scale on bought plants and ask what am I going to get in return?  Purple sprouting brocolli is dead easy to grow.  You stick in the ground, ignore it for six months and you’ve then got so much brocolli you’ll be sick of it for another six months.  In the shops a small packet costs about £2 for about eight shoots.  For £1 investment, I’ll soon have what would equate to hundreds of pounds worth in the shops.  I’ll also be giving it away by the carrier bag, so don’t expect to make money.

Calliflowers however aren’t so great.  Like the brocoli they take a while to really beef up and when they finally get to eating, one chop and it’s gone.  Brocoli however you can cut and come again over months.  But even so, I’ll save money over eight of those for £1.  What I don’t get however are the people who buy eight lettuce for £1.  Lettuce is dead easy to grow and not worth buying pre germinated.  What really got my goat a few months ago was someone on ebay selling radishes, 6 for £1 plus £1.95 packaging.  Call me a mug, but can’t you get a pack of about 20 for 65p in tescos?  and you don’t have to wait for your plug plants to grow for six months.


After cycling down and poodling about, I decided to go to my St John Ambulance group which turned out to be a silly idea, as I had no lights for the return journey.  I’ve never had a more terrifying ride crossing a tidal river, woods and fields in pitch black where I’ve had to use my phone screen because I literally couldn’t see my feet it was so dark.

The above crazy cucumbers were a couple I’ve given away to the office this week as I can’t keep up with them.  They have grown into many interesting shapes as you can see.  I have no idea why my assistant has such a smile on her face (the quiz is which one is my assistant? no prizes so no SAEs please.)

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