Final finishing touches before the big day…

After a miserable week I forced myself down to our plot to give it a good mow.

A quick mow later, I realised that wasn’t going to do the trick.  So out came the strimmer.  A ten minute mow down the allotment became oh so much longer as I found more jobs.

By the end of today, I’d dug three beds for the main crop potatoes – it’s a bit late, but we’ve got nothing to loose.  I also dug a small bed for our mint collection (we had three different varieties, apple mint, pineapple mint and moroccan mint) and planted up some of the chilies we’ve grown from

Lots of weeding later, things were looking much tidier and I decided to risk a new technique I’ve heard about but never seen used – mulching the ground around the plants with grass clippings.  I’d got plenty because I’d just mown the paths, so it was a pretty handy substance to use.  The idea is to stop the weeds from getting too much light and any surface water is kept deep underground near the roots where it should be, instead of evaporating.  We have clay soil, so if you left it bear it would set and crack – but with plenty of rain recently, I’ve now locked all that moisture in.

I got a fair few strawberries too – just over a kilo.  That’s £8.40 saved!

Unfortunately it seems our brassicas have got the attention of the local pigeon population or butterflies, but I’m not too worried as I’m not a big fan of brassicas.  There is however an infestation of white fly which I have to do an awful lot more with.  I’ve got an ‘organic’ pest spray which deals with whitefly, so everything got a liberal dosing.  The asparagus was also being attacked by asparagus beetle!  There are different ways of dealing with asparagus beetle – I prefer to chop it down to the stem and burn them so I can stir the remains into the compost.  There are chemical ways or even use your fingers to pick them off, squash them and remove the little eggs they’ve laid.  The newest shoots – probably the last this year – have been picked and as I type, making their way comfortably into my stomach.

Saw a few lizards around, not as many this year as last so I’m thinking I’m going to need to put more straw down as it seems to keep them happy.

Only two weeks to the big day now, so everything will probably be ready to harvest the moment I pop off on my honeymoon!

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