Spent a rather nice evening in London with a couple of friends – with the wedding approaching it seemed timely to finish the project I promised my fiancee (or at least beat my friend ben into getting it sorted for me…).  The good news is it looks like a success and working well.

I made dinner – dinner being potato wedges and chili & garlic beef burgers.

Take 500g of lean minced beef in a bowl, add a finely chopped red onion, two red chilis, two cloves of garlic, a tea spoon of paprika, some random herbs and spices (corriander would work nicely) as they had nothing else to hand and combine in a bowl with a medium free range egg.  If you use anything else than free range, it’s quite possible you’ll die of guilt.

Split into six nicely sized burgers, put in oven at around 180-200’c for about half an hour.  The burgers will be the same colour all the way through, except the bits of chili and red onion, and it’s done.

Whilst this is going on, thinly slice some potatoes (about 5mm thick or so) the thinner they are, the quicker they cook and eventually brown then burn.  Either spray a baking sheet with oil then put a layer of potatoes on then spray again, or put potato slices in bowl, drizzle with a good quality oil and mix up until they’re all coated.  I wouldn’t use much oil.  We added some seasoning including some spice herb mix that we also used in the burgers and stick in the oven for as long as you can or they go crispy.

Put in white rolls, add dollop of tomato chutney and some wild rocket leaves or lettuce.

Twas fantastic.

After a fairly restless sleep I got back home and collapsed on the sofa.  Having exhausted the sofa lying about option, I made my way over to the lottie to see what the lay of the land was after all those storms last night.  You’ll see pic one has the darkened skies making their way over.  As I type, it’s starting to rain.  The 2nd pic shows my first official harvest.  I’ve pulled a few potatoes a few weeks ago but it’s my first real pick of the lettuce and strawberries as well.

I expect to be harvesting some broad beans in the near future as well as much rhubarb!

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