Dig for room to plant stuff…

View of the coldframe


May is very much upon us and if you’d not noticed, spring has very much sprung.  This has caught us by surprise again (like last year and the year before) because about now is the time to be planting everything out that you’ve carefully nurtured in your fabulous coldframe or greenhouse.  This year its caught us out with extra surprise because the stuff we planted a few months ago hasn’t been eaten by slugs.

By Jove, I think I’ve solved the problem using the coldframe, which at present seems fairly slug proof (But not maretail proof)

We have brussel sprouts (unheard of), cucumbers, peppers, beans, more beans, sunflowers, chard, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, chilies etc.  And oh so much more.  So the first thing I did today was dig three beds (one was a supersize one) to plant stuff out.  We’ve put in five cabbages, lots of mangetout (a supersize variety from realseeds), cucumbers, runner beans, chard, various herbs, leeks, the tomato that survived the lack of watering and then did yet more seed sowing.

Finally, apart from one small corner we seem to have actually reached capacity down the plot.  Every bit of bare earth has now got an owner, some are doubled up even and even now we’re starting to get some produce.  Today I’d eaten a bit of lettuce, tried some baby rhubarb (apparently you can eat the stems raw dipped in sugar, but I’ve never done it before today and to be honest, I won’t be trying it again.

Damien popped over and gave us some pond weed for our pond (which now supports a frog!) and some cabbages.  A guy I used to go to school with (Simon) popped over and sampled the homebrew which ought to be ready for next week and gave me the thumbs up – in gracious return I gave him the best part of twenty half cut bottles to use as mini pollypots to cover some of his more ambitiously planted crops.

I’m looking forward to this summer.  I know we’re supposed to be honeymooning in early July, but I hope some of that time off is going to be spent down the allotment enjoying a BBQ or two…



With beans and a few sunflowers


The pic below shows the new bed dug

new dug bed

And with plants!

new bed with plants

First frog of the year


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