Shower door cold frame

shower door coldframeMade from scaffolding boards and an old shower door, I present the wonderful, the magnificent shower door cold frame!

I put it on a sheet of weed suppressant membrane I had lying around, coated it with 2″ of gravel to keep out the couch grass and mares tail (fat chance) and filled with potted plants.

So far only one slug has intruded.  There was also a nasty incident with a snail.


  1. joanne said

    On the subject of cold frames…I am growing tomatoes on my kitchen windowsill and want to plant them into my polytunnel. Do they need hardened off at all or can they go straight to polytunnel?

    • Go for it – poly tunnels pretty much remove the need to harden off – they may go a bit droopy for a few days but they’ll pick up as soon as they’ve got some roots out.

      I found last year that the ones in poly tunnels put out plenty of leaves, but not much in the way of fruit. The ones outside fruited almost the same time and produced the same if not more. They’ll soon take over so make sure you prune where necessary.

      If your tomatoes are a bit spindly, plant up to the first set of leaves – the furry stem will send out roots and will take up more nutrients and be a bit more stable in wind – which of course won’t be a problem because they’re in a poly tunnel.

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