Mowing the plot


One of the things I really regret when ‘planning’ my plot was not leaving enough room to run a mower down the raised beds or even the space to kneel down.  It was planned though, I left enough room to stand facing them – my feet are size 14s so that’s not a small gap.

The rest of it is lumpy and bumpy.   I did up until recently have a wild patch left to entice different species to it to nest.  This included small lizards (many of those) beetles, bees and frogs.  Unfortunately I generally seemed to only attract couch grass and the occasional lizard.

I’ve moved everything and reduced the size of the nature area.  It’s more central to the plot and the area that was by my shed has been reclaimed to be a sitting and eatin’ area with a perminant bench.

This weekend was quite a good one for the plot.  A new land girl has taken on the task of building a raised bed on the corner of our plot – the ground gets incredibly wet during the winter and dries solid during the summer.  A raised bed and some soil conditioner will make it much easier to work with and give me less to mow.

I spent the day seperating the leeks and the lettuce – even planting some out under cloches.  I need to get some radishes in however because I always want them and they usually only feed the slugs.

radishWhat did suprise me was what someone pointed out on one of the allotment forums I frequent, radish plug plants for £0.99 + 2.54p&p.  That’s 59p a radish, has the world gone mad?  Or don’t they realise a radish plug plant makes, er, one radish?

You can see it for a limited period here: but on the basis that the auction will soon be over, I’ve also screen printed it so you can believe your eyes.

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