Potatoes in tyres – Fail

Last year I tried planing tomatoes in tyres.  This was an interesting experiment which involved me reusing a waste material (tyre) as a garden container.

First I dug over the ground, put a potato in, tyre on top.  Let it grow.

Then forgot about it and it didn’t come to anything.

This year I did a similar experiment making many new interesting mistakes.  The first was to let it grow for too long.  I then stuck my second tyre over the first and I’d heard you could use straw as a medium.  So I tried it.  Within a few days, the potato had grown up through the straw.  Great I thought, and added another tire and more straw. I repeated this again to my 4th tyre which apparently is the maximum and to my suprise after the heavy rains, it is now dead.

I kicked over the tyres today and found slugs had eaten through the main stem and there was no potatoes.


Tyres filled with straw only with an earth base do not work.  You heard it here folks…

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  1. kriswest said

    Gak – straw must let the little buggers in. We buried our first tyre in the soil about 3/4 way in (had tyres to spare!) to keep the mice out a little (their only wee and can’t burrow too far down). When we back filled the tyres we used a mixture of manure and soil – so they’d have to burrow through to get at the stems.

    This all worked great – got about 4 tyres up and left them in so long we got about 8 – 10 bakers per tyre stack and another 30 or so decent potatoes – was a bit of a success that year!

    Was also told recently to plant linseeds amongst the potatoes. keeps off a certain nasty pest (can’t remember what tho). You can move the linseeds when you dig potatoes up and keep then until they go to seed -sorting out next year’s supply.

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