Of mice and carrots

I thought that perhaps I had rats last year – but I was wrong, I’ve now confirmed that it was mice.  This is for two reasons.  One I trod on one (don’t worry, I’m heavy, I’m sure it was immediately terminal for it and no, it was an accident) and secondly because when opening the shed something small and furry ran off to hide.

I’m fairly unconcerned if they want to reside in my shed, the seeds are all in tins and unless they nest in my kettle or widdle on my beer I shall generally be at peace with them.  If they eat my cherry tomatoes however…

Also I thought I had carrots.  It turns out the carrot seeds I planted at the start of this year have not formed carrots as was popularly thought, but has infact spawned soapy sticks of evil.  The first two I tried would have made broom handles look soft and so soapy I could have added them to my washing machine and made my whites whiter than white.

Some of the more baby carrots however were well formed and quite delicious, but more than a hint of soapyness which makes me wonder whether I’ll bother with them again next year.

I had a good havest last night – a couple of kilos of new potatoes (and a couple of baking size ones too!), four courgettes, loads of salad including some baby little gems, the tinest radish you’ve ever seen from the guttering, handful of sugar snap peas and about fifteen small garlics.

I’m always a bit confused about garlic as mine never reaches a decent size – I suspect it’s because I don’t overwinter it.  This set was planted out in march, it promptly got rust and has suffered ever since never reaching a decent size.  Last year Was rubbish too.  This year though I intend to sow a couple different varieties to get a decent result.

Spent most my evening checking on the cherry tomatoes, restaking them and ‘pricking’ the little gems (unfortunately they were a bit too big to be doing that to, but hopefully they’ll be OK).

Pumpkin photo is now up as promised.

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