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I just though I’d brag about two new purchases I made today whilst out and about in my work-town of Chelmsford.  The first was an absolute stonker of a bargain from the £1 shop.  Without going into the world of child labour (lets face it, how can an electrical device cost £1 with an element of profit and be shipped all the way from china or somesuch place!) it does however charge my mobile phone via a wind up handle.  £1! And most importantly, it is small and blue with a blue LED.


Following on from the wind up era, I also bought a £39.99 Devo Freeplay DAB radio.  This is a complete bargain as I currently have two radios, one down the allotment and one plugged into the mains at home.  The mains version is a v1 DAB radio – probably the first on the market which litterally bathes on electricity.  It’s also not mine, but ‘borrowed’ from my parents.  The devo however is hand cranked and doesn’t take up any electrical power with the exception of its initial 24hr charge.

Devo Freeplay DAB radio (windup)









Obviously if I already owned a DAB radio and its sole purpose was to sit on my fridge like the current one does it would be a waste of money and would be depleating world resources unnecessarily.  But since I need something that’ll work in the middle of nowhere in two weeks – it’s a bargain.  I hope to take my old DAB back and use this one around the home – I can transport it anywhere and give it a quick wind when it starts to cool down.  You can also plug it in for a top up, or even wind it whilst it is playing.

I have been promised around an hour of FM play on an hour cranking and between 2-5 minutes of DAB play.  Not a lot, but I’m camping with scouts, so I’ll get them to crank whilst I do the cooking.

It’s a fairly hefty device, well built and feels like it’ll last for ever – it even comes with a 2year warranty.

So tonight I’ll start the charging process and see how I get on Wednesday.

DAB radio – images copyright 2008.

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