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Blimey, how much effort was that!

You come back from a small two week stint in the USA (and it did snow whilst I was away!) and perhaps a couple more weeks later you finally make it down to your plot. Of course by this time it’s about 3 foot deep in couch grass, but none the less still your plot.

My fiance started off by doing some of the more boring work by popping down to the hire shop and getting an industrial strimmer – that made short work of all the weeds and with some suppressant membrane and bark we’ve reclaimed the plot.

I managed to rescue the strawberries and get them in the earth, de-weeded most of the boxes and finally got the greenhouse up. Helen painted the shed with a strange purpley-brown colour, stuck in some more raspberry canes and planted some salad. That’s not all -there was so much else but it’s so difficult to recount a full two days labour!

When I got home this evening I sat down (rather stiff) and had a beer. After that I veritably jumped up and er… made some butter.

It’s a very strange, but good life.

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